strut1 «struht», verb, strut|ted, strut|ting, noun.
to walk in a vain, important, or affected manner: »

The rooster struts about the barnyard.

to walk upon or over with a vain, self-important, or affected manner: »

to strut the stage.

a strutting walk: »

after our little hour of strut and rave (James Russell Lowell).

[Old English strūtian stand out stiffly]
strut´ter, noun.
Synonym Study intransitive verb. Strut, swagger mean to walk or hold oneself with an air of importance. Strut suggests sticking the chest out and holding the head and body stiffly and proudly to show how important one is: »

The little boy put on his father's medals and strutted around the room.

Swagger suggests showing off how much better one is than others by strutting boldly, rudely, or insultingly: »

After being put on probation again, the boys swaggered out of the principal's office.

strut2 «struht», noun, verb, strut|ted, strut|ting.
a supporting piece that resists pressure in a framework, such as a diagonal brace hat acts as a support for a beam of a bridge or the rafter of a roof; brace.
to brace or support by a strut or struts.
[ultimately related to strut1 (Cf.strut)]

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